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Thoughts on Halo: ODST and Halo: Reach

This past weekend I finished playing Halo: ODST. I found it to be harder than expected but quickly learned that several fights (especially those as the rookie) are best avoided. I enjoyed the title a great deal but was hoping for more teamwork throughout and not just lone-wolf style gameplay. I’d love to play a Halo game more along the lines of say a Republic Commando where your squadmates are at your side the majority of the game.

From there I started Halo: Reach. Both games I played on Normal. The game starts off with some firefights that are pretty brutal and I had to repeat them many times over. You have to use cover a great deal and not be afraid to fallback. Worth noting that the enemies CONSTANTLY move around non-stop in comparison to ODST. Drove me insane at points as they can get good shots off but its a good challenge. The game isn’t repetitive when it comes to environments. It has in earlier titles but not here. Bungie did an incredible in making this game feel epic.

The best part about these games, particularly Reach, is by far the aerial and space combat. The controls where spot on and never did I feel like I was struggling to take enemies down or having trouble to maneuver. I’d love to see more games around space and aerial combat just like this. Bungie really blew me away here. Expecting to see more of this in Halo 4.

Fixing Games for Windows login failed after changing Live login

Since I bought an Xbox 360 recently I could finally change my Live ID to use a live.com account and get rid of my Hotmail one (I closed it out, good riddance). Anytime though I would start up a Steam game that had Games for Windows support such as Fallout 3 or Red Faction: Guerilla my login would fail despite entering it correctly. As expected it would work fine anywhere else such as on xbox.com and on my Xbox 360 so what gives?

Finally occurred to me to just delete my profile. In one of the games I mentioned earlier I just started it up and hit the HOME button to bring up the Games for Windows overlay and since you aren’t logged in just hit cancel on the login form and you’ll be presented with 3 options, the last being “Delete Profiles.” From there you can delete your profile and log back in with the same account. No more login failed or login incorrect errors.

Your information and save games are kept intact so don’t worry, they don’t get deleted. I guess a profile is a local setting or storage on your PC for your account. Hope this helps someone.

Solution for PS3 data transfer utility not working or connecting

This weekend I was setting up my new PS3 Slim and needed to transfer the data I have from my old 80GB PS3. I had run into some trouble where I set everything up and then told the source PS3 (the 80GB) to transfer data to the new one and it would just sit there and eventually time out and then basically saying the PS3’s aren’t connected via ethernet cable when they were. I followed instruction manual but after researching online at least 2 key steps were missing from the directions.

Make sure you DISABLE both the Internet Connection and Media Server Connection on both systems. Once I did this the data transfer worked. On each system do the following:

  • Select (Settings) > (Network Settings) > (Internet Connection) and then Disabled
  • Select (Settings) > (Network Settings) > (Media Server Connection) and then Disabled

When you attempt to transfer the data again for me the connection took several minutes to happen (I’d say about 5-10 minutes) so be patient!

The idea behind min­i­mal­ism is that you only keep what you need, and any time you con­sider adding to your col­lec­tion of things, question whether it’s actu­ally needed. Anything beyond what’s nec­es­sary is clut­ter; more­over, it’s a dis­trac­tion that requires energy to main­tain. This idea applies to per­sonal orga­ni­za­tion and con­sumerism, but also to development.
Josh Mock on Applying minimalism to development

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I’m working with Jess on this project so if you have some time please fill out the survey with as little or as much feedback as you can, thanks!

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A U.S. citizen's TSA encounter on arriving from an international flight and refusing pat-down

I thought being scanned or receiving a pat-down was only an issue on departures but now non and U.S. citizens are being scanned on arriving from international flights. This is a great look into how its not just TSA that is involved on refusals but airport police and airline management and how neither are willing to accept responsibility on making a decision. Talk about disorganized. It cost this man almost 3 hours but he was escorted out the airport without being scanned or receiving a pat-down. He didn’t mind. It’s what he wanted and he did it. Nicely done!

A stylish info graphic that explains in simple steps how the internet works. Click image to view it in full size.

A stylish info graphic that explains in simple steps how the internet works. Click image to view it in full size.

We do have a new medium here, Your Honor, but we have a history in this country of new mediums coming along and people vastly overreacting to them, thinking the sky is falling, our children are all going to be turned into criminals. It started with the crime novels of the late 19th century, which produced this raft of legislation which was never enforced. It started with comic books and movies in the 1950s. There were hearings across the street in the 1950s where social scientists came in and intoned to the Senate that half the juvenile delinquency in this country was being caused by reading comic books, and there was enormous pressure on the industry. They self — they self-censored. We had television. We have rock lyrics. We have the Internet.
— Supreme Court Reacts to Violent Game Law (complete transcript in PDF)

New TSA pat-down procedure being introduced in all U.S. airports

Passengers should continue to expect “an unpredictable mix of security layers that include explosives trace detection, advanced imaging technology, canine teams, among others.”

In a statement CNN received from the TSA they pointed out that: ”passengers who opt out of advanced imaging technology screening will receive alternate screening to include a thorough pat-down.”

One traveler said: ”It appears once you enter the security area, passengers forfeit their rights. There were no signs, video information, etc. at the entrance of the security area at the airport. Why?”

Is this going to far?

Google Launches Smart Search for Places


Google will automatically choose the so-called Place search, rather than a general web search, if it thinks your query is about a place — something Place Search product manager Jackie Bavaro says accounts for about 20 percent of Google searches. (Read More)

For example, looking for a “museum” in “new york” - see what the results look like.

(Thanks to Javier for the tip)